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He looked like a f#cking chicken

Had a client start back with me this week.

He’d been away skiing,

so hadn’t seen him for a couple of weeks.

Before he headed off,

we had dedicated our training sessions to building up his strength.

Especially in key areas like his legs & core.

So that he could keep up with his

“super fit” mate on the slopes.

They’d been away skiing before

and usually his buddy would have to stop

and wait for him.

Where as this time,

as a result of the work he put in with me in the gym,

he was able to match him stride for stride.

He was delighted with himself.

Not just because of the better performance

but also because he’s dropped a load of body fat in the process.

While strength for skiing was his main goal,

you can’t get away from the following equation:

strength training + clever nutrition = reduced body fat.

Nice & simple : )

But he was saying that,

even though himself & his mate have been away skiing plenty of times

they decided to book a lesson with one of the instructors there.

Even though they could ski the black slopes,

they both felt they could be doing it better.

Well the instructor ripped his technique to shreds.

Told him he “looked like a f#cking chicken when he skied”


But rather than get offended,

he took on board the feedback

and put it into practice on the slopes.

As a result he ended up leaving a much better skier

than when he arrived a week before.

And enjoyed the weeks skiing WAY more as a result.

It’s like what I say to my lads trying to lose the belly,

it’s easy once you have the CORRECT knowledge.

But until you learn it,

you’re always gonna be struggling.

Andrew “feathered friend” Lahart

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