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He Passed The Test

One of the lads I’m training is full time in the army.

He’s been with me since Jan and see’s me twice a week 

as part of the Bulletproof Dad Program.

Last week he had his yearly physical examination with the amy.

It involves doing a certain number of push ups, sit ups

and running a certain distance

all in a specific time frame.

The push ups & sit ups were a piece of piss for him,

considering all the strength work he has been doing with me.

But he also smashed the run,

which came as a surprise for him as apart from the odd game of 5aside,

he hasn’t been doing much cardio.

See what he didn’t realise was,

that the specific training programs I run within Bulletproof Dad

have a huge carry over to your fitness levels.

While weight training is considered strength training,

by manipulating rep ranges and rest intervals,

it can have a big effect on your cardiovascular fitness.

Giving your lungs, as well as your muscles a solid workout.

It something I purposely program within Bulletproof Dad.

So not only do you see your body transform,

but if you play 5aside, Tag or go running,

you’ll see a considerable difference in your fitness levels.

Don’t believe?

Sign up for my 14 Day Kickstart Trial and see for yourself.

Here’s the link to book a call with me & find out if it’s for you


Gonna just take 2 more this week

Andrew “lift to get fit” Lahart

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