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He scored a model

Was down in Kinsale with the lads over the weekend.

Great spot.

Can’t beat some sunshine in a seaside town,

surrounded by good restaurants & bars.

My seafood chowder fetish was well & truly fulfilled ; )

Anyways one of lads I was down there with,

has been training with me for the last year or so.

In the time he’s completely transformed his body.

And as a single man,

his popularity with the ladies transformed with it.

And on friday night, that popularity peaked.

So much so that he ended up scoring a model.

An absolute stunner

so the rest of us were all well impressed.

The next day he said she told him that

“she loved his back”

and I turned around around & said to him

“you’re welcome”

I was (half) joking haha.

See the type of training I use with the lads,

is all based on the primary goal of


It’s what every lad who starts training with me mentions,

it’s the fist thing they mention.


what’s the point in losing the belly

if you end up just skinny & flabby.

No point if you’re just gonna look gaunt

and have everyone wondering whether you’re sick.

Starving yourself & going for a run ain’t gonna cut it.

That’s where the proper weight training and the nutrition comes in.

Get them bang on

and you’ll keep your broad frame as well as losing the belly.

So when you wear a tee or shirt on a night out

you fill it out in all the right places.

Just think what that does for your confidence,

rather than just wearing baggy gear trying to cover up the belly.

I can’t guarantee you’ll score a model

(you could still be an arsehole ha)

But at least you’ll look & feel better about yourself. 

It all comes down to the initial step of taking action.

The lad I mentioned above,

claimed it took him 6 moths to muster up the courage

and ask me for help.

He was afraid he was too out of shape

and he’d make a fool out of himself.

1 year on and he’s scoring a model.

If that’s not a transformation, I don’t know what is.

If you’re in the same boat he was a year ago,

click this application link:


Fill it out with TOTAL honesty

and I’ll give you a call back later in the week.

I have 2 spaces becoming available in Bulletproof Dad next week,

they’ll go to whoever gets the applications in.

Andrew “helping lads get laid” Lahart

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