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He swallowed the goalkeeper

Was chatting with one of my bulletproof dads

during a session in the gym last week.

He’s been training with me well over a year now

but we were chatting about when he first joined

the Bulletproof Dad Program.

Turns out a few weeks before he originally got in touch with me

he had been playing a charity football match with his mates.

Afterwards there was a few pictures of the game

thrown up on Facebook.

And one of his mates left a sly comment underneath one of the pics.

“did you swallow the goalkeeper?”

A nice little “friendly” dig at how much weight he’d put on recently.

Standard lad behaviour.

Kinda found it funny so he laughed it off,

but truth was it did piss him off a bit.

Thankfully rather than choosing to feel sorry for himself.

Or using his busy job as an excuse,

he chose to give me a shout.

He played football all his life so had always been in decent shape.

But since stopping, the weight had crept up n up.

So this comment finally triggered him in to taking action.

So while you could argue it was a bit mean by his mate,

in hindsight it turned out to be the best thing

he could haver done for him.

He’s down almost 3 stone

and is back playing some casual football again.

All from changing around some of the food he eats

and training with me in the gym twice a week.

No crazy restrictive sh#t.

So if you’re sick of being the “fat one”

Hit the link below and let me help you out:


Andrew “digesting a goalkeeper” Lahart

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