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Hey Nedser

There’s this myth going around that if wanna lose belly fat,

you gotta do a sh#t tonne of sit ups, crunches

and other “core” exercises.

May have something to do with those infomercials

you see coming on the tv at stupid o’clock.

All that super duper ab blaster 5 thousand sh#te.

Gimmicky muck!

The reality doing all those ab crunches will do sweet f#ck all

for that ned kelly you’ve spent years growing.

Apart from giving you a bad back & a hunched over posture,

it ain’t gonna do much else.

In reality, you can’t really just “spot fix” fat,

you lose it proportionately from your bodies stores.

So if you carry a belly of excess

Do the following:

> Do full body resistance training

> Eat reasonably well most of the time

(not that complicated when you think about it)

This will create the energy deficit need to tap into that

store room of fat you call a belly

and burn that sh#t off.

But unfortunately for many

the reality is,

most lads will go on a restrictive diet

and do a combination of long distance running

plus a stupid number of ab crunches.

Until they burn out & go back to their old habits,

accompanied with a bad back for their troubles.

If you disagree with strength training,

don’t click this testimonial link:


because it will decimate your argument

Andrew “it’s pretty impressive” Lahart

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