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How I manage it

The reality for me as a trainer is simple:


The lads who join Bulletproof Dad don’t just have a fitness goal.

They also have a body fat / weight loss goal.

So because of this, I have to educate them on food to eat

and how they can incorporate a few beers and treats

without f#cking up their progress.

How I do this is actually pretty simple.

I have each of the 5 BPD groups, aka wolf-packs

(if you’ve seen the film “The Hangover”)

added into a watts-app group

where by they share

These tasks are all about specific things

that help them make better choices when it comes to food.

Which in reality is the hardest part for most lads.

And because the lads are training with

each other a couple of times a week

the team camaraderie is through the roof.

So that’s why I say BPD is way more than just a class or bootcamp.

And it’s most definitely why the lads join

and keep it up for the long term.

The enjoy the training, they enjoy the craic with other lads,

And most importantly the enjoy the results they’re getting.

Andrew “my lil secret” Lahart

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