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How to deal with a stiffy (video)

Bet that got your attention on a relaxing Sunday evening ; )

What I’m on about here is stiff muscles & joints,

despite what that filthy mind of yours might be thinking.

Thanks to the modern way of life,

most of us either spend our days stuck sitting at a desk or in a car.

Or if your a tradesman, it’s the other extreme,

running around all day, jumping and bending through nooks & crannys

you can still end up with the same problem.

Stiff and sore joints.

If you got it, it ain’t f#cking pleasant.

Maybe it’s your knee given you jip,

or your lower back is in a jocker.

Whatever it is, there’s a vary good chance

that either through a lack of activity

or too much of a certain activity

the muscles surrounding the painful joint are short and tight.

How do you fix this?


Ye it can help but have you ever heard of foam rolling?

If not, it’s a f#cking game changer.

Maybe you have one, but it’s just gathering dust.

Either way, if you use it regularly

it has the potential to elimate your pain,

increase your flexibility,

help you run faster & for longer,

and stay that way!

Here’s my video of how to us one & get the most from it:

Check it out and you’ll see why it’s so good.

Andrew “roll with it” Lahart

PS obviously lads, if you have a serious issue going on

go see a physical therapist before jumping on one for the first time.

Here’s the link for the vid again,

it’s honestly a game changer so check it out:

Also BEWARE, it can be f#cking sore when starting off,

so don’t say I didn’t warn you ; )

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