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I can see it again : )

The following is genuinely what one of the lads

on my Bulletproof Dad Program

said to me the other day:

“I can see me cock again”

He’s over the moon!

Hadn’t seen it without the aid of a mirror in a long long time.

You can only imagine the effect that would have on your confidence

and your emotional well being.

Not being able to look down & see your prized possession.

F#ck that, that’s no way to live your life.

He was fed up, decided enough was enough and took action.

All because the pain of the staying the same

had become greater than the “fear” of joining my program.

2 months now and he’s absolutely flying.

See he’d been following the emails a while,

but he “hadn’t the courage” to get in touch.

having not done any training in years,

he thought he’s be “too big” for it

and that the other lads would be running rings around him.

After the 2 week trial, he saw for himself

that this wasn’t the case.

And how the atmosphere is at Defined Fitness

is the polar opposite to your typical intimidating overcrowded gym.

Now 2 months in, he’s proved it to himself that he’s more than capable.

And now he has the self belief, there’s no stopping him.

Just shows what can happen

when you take action

& as a result start feeling better about yourself.

Andrew “there it is” Lahart

PS still have one space remaining on Bulletproof Dad

just reply to this email if you want the details

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