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I sacked him

Had a dude last week book a strategy call with me

We had a good chat about where he was at

and how he was going to move forward

with me on my Bulletproof Dad Program.

After our chat I sent him on the nutrition guidelines

and the full version of my Nedser Melter Recipe Book.

He had decided he wanted to see me 1 to 1

rather than part of the small group training.

He was pretty insecure about his weight,

which was perfectly understandable

as he had about 6 stone to lose.

After I sent him on the nutrition info,

I asked him to keep a food diary,

just for the next 5 days,

so it would give me a clear snapshot of where exactly he was at.

The next day I got a call from him saying

that he wasn’t going to bother with the food diary.

He said he’s only really interested in the training

as he feels his diet is in his words “fine”.

Don’t know about you,

but I’ve never seen a person who consistently eats well

and is a few stone overweight,

never mind 6 stone!

So I had hime consider that his opinion

has gotten him to the point where he is at now.

Very overweight & pissed off.

And although he was willing to invest his money in my opinion

He wasn’t willing to acknowledge that his

may be responsible for why he is so unhappy at present.

But No, apparently his diet was “non negotiable”.

So rather than take his money

I just said listen dude,

either you want to make a change or you don’t.

I wouldn’t mind but the nutrition program involved

is actually a piece of piss to follow.

It involves no calorie counting

and has the flexibility to allow for a social life.

Because if it didn’t, you’d get pissed of trying to follow it

and eventually give up.

So I refunded his money and wished him well.

See he would have still lost a bit of weight with just the training

but a shit diet is like carrying a rucksack of bricks on your back.

You’ve to work & sweat 10 times as hard to make progress.

So what’s the point in investing the time, money & effort

just to do a half arsed job.

My spaces are very limited so no way was I gonna waste one

on somebody with a half arsed approach.

(wudda ended up strangling him, ha)

I’ve had a few people tell me that I’m full of sh#t

when I say I don’t take money off anybody.

But when you see it from my perspective,

you’ll understand why.

When you start training with me,

you are representing me and my credentials as a trainer.

So if you’re gonna walk around telling everyone you’re training with me,

but you still look the same because you’re not doing what’s asked of you,

how’s that gonna make me look?

No way any of your friends are gonna consider training with me

when they see you investing in me but unawares to them,

behind the scenes you’re taking the piss.

No thanks mate, there’s plenty of other trainers out there

more than happy to take your money.

It’s why I take the time out to do the strategy calls

because it gives me a proper idea of where you’re at,

what you wanna achieve,

and why you give a sh#t.

here’s the link to book for this week:


And because I understand that you’re representing me,

I’ll give you everything I’ve got to make sure

you’re gonna achieve the results you want.

Andrew “you’re fired” Lahart

PS How did you get on with yesterdays recipe challenge?

Tastey ay?

Here’s that link again:


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