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I unpolitely told him to f#ck off

Had to share this one with you.

Any of you gents out there,

that have a job which involves working directly with people

will agree,

that the more people you deal with poeple,

the more you come to the conclusion that,

some people are f#cking mental.

Like some are genuinely borderline INSANE

You wonder how they’re allowed out in public.

And this retard I was dealing with yesterday was right up there,

even with the best of them.

Yesterday I got an email from him

(I’ll keep him nameless)

enquiring about the Bulletproof Dad Program.

Great stuff mate, appreciate the email,

fill out the application link & we’ll arrange a call.

His response:

“I’m too busy to do the link”

So I went on to explain the importance of him filling it out

(so I know exactly what his current situation is before I call

and if I can genuinely help him)

And how it only takes a couple of mins.

Yesterday evening, he sent the link over to me.

One word answers everywhere,

if he spent more than 30 secs on it I’d be shocked.

So I asked him to do it again

with proper detail.

His response again:

“I’m too busy”

Well mate if you’re too busy to spend 5-10 mins on the application

how the f#ck are you supposed to find 2 hours a week to train with me.

See here’s the deal, every Dad I train is busy as f#ck.

All 70 plus of them.

ZERO exceptions.

With full time jobs & kids there’s always a reason for them

not to find time for themselves.


they refuse to tell themselves the story that they’re too busy.

They f#cking make time & do it.

With no feeling sorry for themselves.

they recognise the importance of it,

so they take action & do it.

This pr#ck was the polar opposite.

I’m not disputing that he was busy,

let’s face it, these days we all are.

But I could see what was gonna happen.

he’s sign up, do it half arsed for a few weeks

then eventually decide he was too busy

and drop out.

So I asked him to unsubscribe from the emails.

I’d rather keep the space for a genuine player

and not some busy asshole.

So here’s the deal,

if you’re just like the dude in this email,

scroll down to the end & hit unsubscribe.

Do us both a favour.


If you’re a busy dad with a genuine want to change,

keep an eye out on tomorrow’s email.

I’ve an awesome opportunity for 3 of dudes

to get involved in Bulletproof Dad for the run up to Chrsitmas.

Andrew “filtering out the time wasters” Lahart

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