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I Was Embarrassed

One of my bulletproof dads mentioned that last week

he was at his son’s football match.

He mentioned how in the past he would be very self conscious

going to the games all the other dads were in much better shape than him.

He said he was “the fattest dad there”.

And what added to his embarrassment was the fact

he was afraid as his son was getting older

he would start to notice it as well.

“I used to be embarrassed that he would get embarrassed” 

So this left him with 2 alternatives.

Stop going to the events & miss all these special moments


2. Take action & get proper help in trying to lose weight.

Thankfully he chose number 2

And back in October after following my emails for a while

he did the application link for the 2 week trial.

And after us having a chat,

he soon realised I was able to give him the support & motivation

that he’d been crying out for.

And with the trial, he got to experience BPD first hand and

the team atmosphere all the lads have training together.

Thankfully he hasn’t looked back since.

So last week, for the first time in a long time

he was able go to his son’s game and actually allow himself to enjoy it.

A prime example of how your weight

can have such a HUGE impact on all aspects of your life.

It goes WAY beyond just how you look.

Benefiting both you and your family.

Andrew “restoring confidence” Lahart

PS Here’s the application link for the 2 week trial

that kick started everything for him:


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