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I’d Be Wrecked

Had a good chat with one of my newer recruits for

Bulletproof Dad.

He’s about month to his training with me.

So after reviewing the last few weeks,

having done the training sessions

and made a few changes with his food

I was asking him had he noticed any changes in life.

Straight away he started to tell me all about how

usually after work he’d have to straight home for a lie down.

“I’d be wrecked in the evening”

But now that he’s week and truly changing his lifestyle around

that tiredness has disappeared.

His energy levels have been “transformed”.

He hasn’t needed to go for a nap all week.

He’s also sleeping better at night as a result.

But the biggest benefit is he now play with his 2 sons

when he gets home.

Rather than having to lie down first.

All from just a few small changes with food and exercise.

It’s these little things that add up to make a big f#cking difference.

For both yourself and for your family.

Andrew “added benefits” Lahart

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