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If it’s simple

I spoke at Friday’s seminar on how

the actual basics of losing weight are actually pretty simple.

Expend more calories then you consume.

Energy in vs Energy out.

So all we gotta do is eat less

& do more exercise right?

But during the seminar I questioned 

“if it’s so simple, why do so many people struggle with it?”

See in general, most of us have a pretty poor relationship

with food and exercise.

Exercise is seen as a chore.

And eating well is seen as a restriction.

So when you try and do both together,

it can be tough going.

Especially when you have a history of failure

when it comes to trying to lose weight.

Maybe even you’re the bud of all the jokes from your mates

It’s all added pressure to the mix.

And ever time you try & fail more pressure is added.

Not exactly an ideal environment to try and lose weight.

And when you consider as human beings


Prime example being yesterday all the lads in BPD were saying

how on Monday,

being stuck in the gaff while the storm was going on

they all ate way more “sh#te” then they usually would do


Because they were in an environment where they were bored

and surrounded by food in the house.

So if you’re struggling to lose the dad belly,

have a look at your environment

and try figure out what’s fuelling the bad decisions that your making.

Andrew “not so simple’ Lahart

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