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‘I’m a golfer, not a body builder’

Just had this sent to be from one of my clients.

It’s Rory McIlroy responding to concerns

about his “excessive weightlifting in the gym”.

An expert fears he’s compromising his golf ability

in just for his body image.

he cited Tiger Wood’s as an example.

Pointing how much time he spent in the gym

and how he’ had such a rapid decline recently.

He fears the same will happen to McIlroy.

Does he have a point?

Well McIlroy was on Sky Sports News just there,

responding to the above.

“I’m a golfer, not a body builder”

was the summary of his argument.

He mentioned how in 2010 he made a decision

that in order for his game to improve,

he had to start improving his lifestyle.

Exercising more & eating better.

Within a year he’d lost a tonne of weight

& transformed his body.

Oh and he also won his first major

and achieved his highest world ranking to that date.

He said himself without doubt,

there’s a “direct correlation”

between his new lifestyle & his massive improvement on the golf course.

And for that reason he continues to put the work in the gym

and has no intention of stopping.

In my opinion,

he’s the perfect example of how someone’s life can benefit

from eating better and getting into weight training.

He literally hasn’t looked back since.

Hopefully some day,

this DATED NOTION of weight training only being for body builders

will eventually die off.

And people will open up their eyes,

to the incredible health benefits it has.

When you’re a bloke that simply wants to lose weight,

The reality is running and sit ups will only get you so far.

Ye you’ll burn some calories off.

But with weight training,

you’ll burn way more for the same given time of exercise.

Because the after burn lasts much longer,

so you burn a load more calories

as your body is in a bigger state of recovery.

It’s a nice feeling knowing that

when you’ve done a weight session on a Tuesday evening

and you’re sitting at your desk on Wednesday,

you’re still getting the benefit of the after burn,

burning way more calories than usually would.

As your body is still in recovery mode.

It’s how I’ve helped all these “normal” lads lose their beer guts

and transform their bodies.


It’s all down to doing proper weight training

combined with a few subtle changes with their food.

Andrew “not a bodybuilder” Lahart

PS seriously click the link if you haven’t already

and see for yourself:


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