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In the muscles

Have a bit of a confession to make here.

While the vast majority of lads join Bulletproof Dad

because they want to lose the belly & get fit

It’s not the sole goal of the training we do here.

See while losing the belly and the excess pounds is important

and it’s exactly what happens when you get stuck into the program

I’m also keen for the lads to tone up some muscle mass.

Not just because it looks good.

But because it’s the absolute key to LONG TERM weight loss.

See basically the more muscle mass your body has,

the more maintenance that’s needed.

In other words, your body has to burn more calories

to stay the same & maintain what it has.

And as your body needs more calories

it means you can get away with eating more.

So for example, you go on a restrictive low calorie diet

and do a load of cardio exercise,

ye you will lose weight

but you won’t be laying down any significant new muscle mass.

So when you do over eat,

you’re far more likely to start gaining fat again

as your body doesn’t have the muscle capacity

to burn the extra calories.

But if you lost the weight by doing some strength training

And built some new muscle mass along the way

you’ll have to eat a lot more calories to be in the same predicament.

Andrew “longterm” Lahart

PS Bulletproof Dad is full at the moment,

if you want to get your name down on the waiting list

here’s the application link:


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