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It doesn’t care


So between Friday night’s seminar and getting ready for the storm Ophelia

it’s been a busy weekend.

And with what’s forecasted later today

it actually ties in pretty well with what I spoke about

at the seminar on Friday.

The bottom line is, nature is nature.

It’s bigger & more powerful than any human.

It doesn’t care about our feelings etc.

So what I mean by this is.

If you do make a genuine effort to exercise and stay fit

but you don’t pay any attention to the food you eat

then chances are you’re gonna struggle to lose any weight.


Because no matter how “hard” you’re training,

if you’re milling too many calories on daily basis

you’re body won’t be able to lose any weight.

And as harsh as that may sound,

It’s nature.

And as I said above nature doesn’t care.

So rather than piss and moan about it.

Acknowledge, Accept, Adapt, and Overcome

That’s why I say Bulletproof Dad is WAY more

than just an exercise class.

Because exercise on it’s own, is simply not enough.

And if you need help getting started

you know where to find me

(just hit reply)

Andrew “stay safe” Lahart

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