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It’s Begun

Operation Torture Yourself has officially kicked off.

After the few weeks of excess over Christmas,

everyone is ready to punish themselves.

Every crash diet & long winded exercise program

will be in full flow.

The sad thing is, it’s the same f#cking cycle every year.

Some people will try got it alone,

and some will get help.

Unfortunately most of those who get help

will turn to the cowboy salesman

offering the “quick fix” they desire so much.

Usually it involves some bullsh#t detox

involving a massive calorie restriction,

so that you lose a lot of weight fast.

Little Hint: it’s the big calorie restriction,

not the “magic” pills

that makes you drop the weight.

So save yourself the expense on the “magic” powders.

For example: going on a juice detox for 5 days,

where by you only consume 3 juices a day & no food.

Of course you’ll drop weight,

you’ve prob only consumed 2-300 calories for the day,

depending what’s in the juices.

Plus almost ZERO protein,

so a nice chunk of that weight loss will be muscle mass,

not just fat.

So do yourself a favour,

don’t go full retard like the rest of them.

Make a promise to yourself that you’ll do it


No crazy food restrictions,

No torturous training that you hate.

So if you love beer & hate the gym.

Why you gonna try go off the beer

and go to the gym everyday?

Fair enough go off the beer for just a few weeks if you’re sick of it,

then ease back into the habit of a few one night a week.

It can be your reward, that thing you look forward to.

Getting out for a few hours to watch the match with your mates.

As for training, if you hate the gym,

why the f#ck go to it in the first place?

Why not get involved in some group training,

or register for a run

or even go back playing some casual 5 aside,

Something that you enjoy,

but at the same time will give you a good work out.

That way you’ll comity to the process

because it makes you feel good.

The reason most fail is because the process they try follow

is simply too restrictive & punishing.

It makes them feel miserable,

so it’s no wonder they crash & burn.

Don’t be that guy!

Make a commitment to do some challenging exercise

a couple of times a week.

Make a commitment to eat a protein based breakfast every morning.

Make a commitment to eat a salad at lunchtime.

Make a commitment to stop buying biscuits when doing the groceries

(your guests will get over it)

It’s little things like these, done consistently

that add up to make all the difference.

Trust me.

Andrew “it’s the little things” Lahart

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