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It’s Your Business

No matter what industry you work in,

or what exact role you fulfil,

Whether your self employed or work for someone else.

Your business is essentially YOU.

And how you carry yourself

will dictate how good or bad other people perceive you.

And if people like what they see then they tend to invest in you.

Whether it be a potential employer in an interview,

or if you’re self employed

a potential customer choosing to buy from you.

Whatever the job,

each & every one of us depend on other people investing in us.

When a company hires you,

they’ve basically just invested shares in YOU.

But here’s the f#cked up thing.

We all depend on people to invest in us.

Our life depends on it.

But yet, when it comes to investing in ourselves

it makes us feel uncomfortable.

Like we’re not worthy of it.

I hear it a lot with lads on the strategy call.

They feel bad about setting aside time for themselves.

Instead they think they need to be at home with the family.

Which of course is important.

But they fail to see the bigger picture.

Yes the family depend on them.

But if they’re depending on an out of shape,

pissed off Dad

that never has any energy to spend quality time with them. 

But if you actually invest some time in yourself,

set aside a couple of hours a week get some decent exercise in,

you’ll see the weight fall off and the energy levels ramp up.

So the kids & everyone else for that matter

will actually enjoy your company

and you’ll be in a position to enjoy theirs.

Because when you’re exhausted, everything becomes a struggle

even the stuff you’re supposed to be looking forward to,

like playing with the kids.

But it all has to start with you

and making that decision to invest time in yourself.

How can you expect others to invest in you if you don’t?

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