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The Jack Jones score

So despite there being a few sore heads in the gym yesterday

after that belter of a match on Sunday in Croker.

One of the Bulletproof Dads was in flying form yesterday evening.

He went shopping in the pavilions on Saturday

and bought his first pair of jeans since he started

the Bulletproof Dad Program in April.

On the last body fat I did with him a few weeks back,

he was already down close to 10lbs of fat.

And there was 3 inches gone off the gut.

So all his clothes were starting to hang off of him.

But for the first time ever,

he bought a pair of jeans in Jack & Jones.

For years he said he refused to shop there

as the clothes were just for “skinny young fellas”

But now he’s dropped the inches around the belly & waist

He said he’d chance his arm.

And low & behold he came out with a pair of 36 inch jeans.

And a BIG sense of satisfaction to go with it : )

It’s great because for him,

it’s really put things into perspective for him

as to how much progress he’s actually made since joining.

Not bad for someone in their early 40’s

who for years,

had written themselves off as an “auld fella”

Andrew “his hips don’t lie” Lahart

PS Had an unexpected spot open up in my

Bulletproof Dad Small Group Program

(my most popular one)

Here’s the application link if you want to get me on the phone

and see if you’re a good fit for the program:

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