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Just a quick thank you

Over the weekend I received an email from a dude

that had done my 2 week online kick-start program

earlier this year.

Here’s what it said:

“Just a quick thank you Andrew.

I did your two week trial and I’ve been

consistently going to the gym now for about 5 months.

I’ve lost about 2 and a half stone so far and I’m

eating healthy and enjoying it. It’s made a big

difference to my life and I feel better than I have

in years. I’m on the Southside so won’t ever make it

to your gym but thanks for the start, it’s exactly

what I needed.

Keep doing what your doing”

This made my weekend to be honest

(that & United hammering Liverpool, ha)

To receive an email from a guy I haven’t had any contact with in months

and discover that he’s still applying what he learned from me

and as a result he’s been completely transformed.

I have the upmost respect for the dude,

he listened, took note

and most importantly took action.

And he’s followed it up with relentless consistency.

All the ingredients you need for a successful transformation.

Fair play to him!

So if you’re in a position of “hopelessness”

Where every time you’ve tried to lose weight,

you’ve failed miserably.

And that nedser shows no signs of shifting,

take note of what Stephen did.

he got in touch with me because he wasn’t happy.

5 months on and he feels the best he has

“in years”.

At times it might seem impossible

but the reality is, if Stephen can do it

there’s no reason you can’t.

you just gotta follow a plan and be consistent as hell

Andrew “cheers Stephen” Lahart

PS for all you Northside Dads

I’m thinking about setting up some morning Bulletproof Dad sessions

in my gym in Airside.

Seeing as spaces in the evening BPD groups

have been few n far between for a long time now.

Was thinking an early morning pre work at 7am

& around 10am for all you business owners & shift workers.

If any of you gents like to train mornings,

please let me know what times you dudes tend to favour & why.

Would appreciate the feedback


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