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Keep It Simple Stupid

When it comes to the topic of nutrition

it’s easy to get confused.

So many things get taken out of context,

sparking off these big social media debates 

on what diet is the best

or what superfood is the healthiest.

Do yourself a favour and ignore all that “noise”

Just remember the following:


Consistently GOOD always trumps sometimes perfect. 

Don’t be one of these “all or nothing” lads. 

In my experience over 90% of those lads are fat. 

And that mentality is the reason why. 

Leave them to it. All you need to do is:

#1. Eat slightly less calories than you burn off to create a calorie deficit. 

That’s how we lose weight. 

#2. Eat enough protein to regenerate your muscles. 

Protein also helps you stay fuller for longer

#3. Aim to eat 5 portions of fruit & veg most days. 

Gives you essential vitamins, minerals & fibre. 

As well as that it bulks meals up, with only adding very little calories.

#4. Drink 2 litres + of water a day.

#5.  Repeat as consistently as possible. 

If you have a bad day of eating or too many pints, get over it. 

We all do, so just get back on it the next day. 

Don’t let it spiral out of control. 

It might sound bleeding obvious, and it’s not “sexy nutrition”.

But if you stick to the above, you won’t go far wrong

Andrew “bleeding obvious” Lahart

PS If you need help on protein and calorie targets,

ping me an email back and I’ll send you one the video with the formulas

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