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Last Chance U

Have you been watching it on Netflix this week?

If not, let me fill you in quickly.

It’s a real life documentary based in Mississippi 

about a lower league college football team.

Basically they recruit promising young players who have bags of potential

but for different reasons  didn’t quite make it to the higher college leagues.

Usually for reason’s like poor grades 

or getting into trouble with the law.

So the lads get given a second chance at this college,

where they can get scouted back to the bigger leagues 

if they perform well.

The only catch is, they have to achieve a certain grade point average 

to qualify for the bigger college leagues.

They can’t get there on football ability alone.

So while a lot of them have no interest in “school” 


it has to be done in order to achieve their football dream.

It’s similar to a bloke who always talks about getting back in shape

“I must do something”

“I’ll get stuck in once the kids go back to school”

etc, etc

Basically he wants all the good things,

the better fitness, more energy, lose the gut 

etc etc

BUT unless he’s willing to put the work in,

it ain’t gonna happen for him.

The bottom line is, if it was easy to be in shape,

we all would be.

But once you accept that it’s down to YOU,

the exercise you do, or don’t do

and the food you eat, or don’t.

Only then will he be willing to do the work that’s needed

to back up those promises he made to himself.

Just like the the lads in the documentary,

if you’re not willing to do the work,

it’s just simply not going to happen for you.

Andrew “yes coach” Lahart

PS Gonna release the details on the free trial

for Bulletproof Dad Online tomorrow,

so keep your eyes peeled on tomorrow

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