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Last Night’s Gig

Went to see Mumford & Sons in the point last night.

Had said it to a few people during the week that I was going.

F#ck me,

talk about a band that divides opinion.

Half the lads I said it to were green with envy

& the other half couldn’t tell me quick enough

how much the DISLIKED them.

See they have their own particular style,

so they stand out from most of what’s currently out there.

When they first hit the scene,

the hipsters went mad for them,

with their waistcoats & farmer style caps.

But as soon as the band made the mortal sin for becoming popular

the hipsters couldn’t turn their back on them quick enough.

They had taken the step into mainstream,

and the 1st rule of the hipster cult

(apart from being a bearded twat)

is you automatically have to despise the mainstream.

What do the band make of that?

Well they just sold out 2 nights back to back in the point


So I doubt they really give 2 f#cks about the hipsters.

See when the results are good,

why would you worry about the opinion of a small minority.

So if you choose to go on a diet,

or start a training program.

As long as you are feeling good & making progress

ignore any unrequested advice people seem obliged to offer,

as soon as they hear you’re doing it.

As long as what you’re doing is producing the results

(looking & feeling better)

keep going and ignore the placebo experts.

Most of them tend to look like sh#t

but yet they still feel obliged to dish out advice to you.

And if the results ain’t comming,

then look for help.

Just make sure it’s someone with a proven history

so you know for sure they know what they’re talking about.

Prime example being by clicking this link:

Andrew “little lion man” Lahart

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