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Learned my lesson

A few years back,

long before I opened Defined Fitness.

I used to play a decent amount of 5aside every week.

Usually on average 2-3 evenings, loved it.

Still do.

Only it’s tougher now with being in the gym most evenings,

training the lads.

I do well to get 1 in a week.

But back then, when I was in full flow

there was one bad patch in particular that I went through.

I kept picking up niggely injuries in my knee.

It was holding me back so it got seriously frustrating!

Took all the enjoyment out of it.

So I did all the usual stuff,

bought a support strap for it

and did a tonne of stretches to try loosen it up.

There was little bit of relief but still wasn’t right.

So eventually I had to invest in the help of a professional

and went to see a physio.

Turned out I had an issue with the arches in my feet

I got what the professional call


So went to see foot doctor, aka a pediatrist

(think that’s how spell it)

and ot fitted for orthotic soles.

Within a week of wearing it, I could feel the benefit.

I was back flying around the pitch again,

pain free.

The lesson:

I wasted weeks trying to “fix” the problem myself,

and got nowhere.

(sure I wasn’t even treating the right body part)

But after getting the proper advice,

I was back up & running in no time.

Because I was given the proper info

I knew exactly what was wrong

and was given a tried & trusted way of fixing it.

And low & behold it fixed my problem.

If you’re a bloke that had big plans at the start of January

to finally lose the belly,

but 7 weeks on it’s not quite going as well as you’d hoped.

Maybe it’s time to get some ‘tried & trusted’ help.

You can take the first step by replying to this email

and getting your name down on the

Bulletproof Dad waiting list.

Andrew “lesson learned” Lahart

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