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The Leicester City Lesson

They’ve only gone & done it.

Proving every so called expert wrong along the way.

Nobody saw it coming, even up to a couple of months ago

we were all just waiting for them to eventually fade away.

It’s undoubtedly one of the greatest ever underdog stories

in the history of sport.

How did they do it?

To be so consistent for the whole season?


They did the fundamentals better than the rest.

Their whole philosophy was based on hard work,

togetherness and organisation.

This was their bread and butter,

and their foundation for their success.

So rather than get lost in all the other nonsense that goes on in football

they stuck to their core principles and proved

that a star team always beats a team of stars.

If you’re a fat dad stuck in a rut

there’s a BIG lesson here for you.

Ignore all the fad and gimmicky “solutions” that are out there.

There is NO substitute for hard work and consistency.

The basic science of losing weight is pretty straight forward,

calories in vs calories out.

It’s the consistency part that’s most challenging for us.

So when you decide to start back exercising

you’ve 2 key things to consider.

1. What’s the best exercise I can do to lose the belly?

2. What’s the most enjoyable way of doing it?

Anyone can go on a diet and lose some weight.

It’s keeping it going that’s the real effort.

And that’s why it’s imperative you actually ENJOY the process.

That way you’re way more likely to succeed for the long term.

So if you’re forcing yourself to go to the gym

but you’re not sure what you should be doing when you get there.

Not only will you feel like it’s a waste of time

but chances are you’ll f#cking hate it.

If so, how long do you expect to stick to that process?

Maybe it’s time to invest in a new process,

one that will deliver you the results

based on the proven fundamentals.

I’m opening up 2 places on Bulletproof Dad starting next week.

Here’s the application link if you want me to give you a call

and go through the details with you:

Andrew “on the Leicester bandwagon ” Lahart

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