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Like a Pole-dancer

Back in January I set a goal of sending out an email every day.

But for one reason or another,

the odd day I don’t get it done.

Usually has something to do with running a busy gym

combined with studying to be a physical therapist.

It can get pretty f#cking busy at times.

Any of you gents with busy jobs and young kids

will get where I’m coming from.

Yesterday I was flat out sitting on my ass, being a computer nerd.

I was putting the finishing touches to my new website.

Here’s the link if you wanna check it out:

It’s my first attempt at one, so there has been plenty of frustration

and 4 letter words along the way ; )

But you lads get it,

Every now and then, despite your best intentions

sh#t just doesn’t get done.

Ye it’s easy say just make time

but for any busy Dad,

that sort of bullsh#t  “advice” just ain’t gonna fly.

That’s why when I developed Bulletproof Dad,

specifically for busy dads.

I purposely chose workouts that can maximise your results,

so you only have to train a couple of times per week.

So you can carry on, dominating your working day

and spend more time with your family

rather than being stuck in the gym every evening.

Sometimes people question what I do,

just training clients twice a week.

Some think it’s “not enough”

But rather than get in argument, or a debate

(too busy for that crap)

I just send them a snap shot of my before & after wall in the gym.

It literally lets my clients results do all the talking for me.

And more importantly shuts them up.

What they don’t understand is how f#cking ACE the training has to be

to produce these kind of results,

with such little time invested.

If they commit to the 14 day trial when starting,

they soon see for themselves what I’m talking about.

But what I’m really getting at is,

if you decide you want to lose weight

and you put together a training plan.

Make sure you factor in days that you won’t get in what you had hoped.

And when you miss the session you won’t crucify yourself.

You can just get on with it the following day, no big deal.

No beating yourself up or quitting & going back to your old habits.

Andrew “keep it as flexible as poledancer“ Lahart

Ps here’s that link again

(if you haven’t seen my before & after wall in the gym)

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