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A little food hack (that matters)

Over the years as working as a personal trainer

you start to see similar trends or mistakes among people

who are actively trying to lose weight.

If you look at food for example.

Simple things like eating too much or even to little.

Can be an obvious problem.

But another big issue, for lads in particular is

not eating enough of the right stuff.

With protein being the BIG FAT F#cking elephant in the room.

See most lads eat cereal and toast for breakfast,

sandwiches or rolls for lunch

and a nice chunk of pasta or rice or spuds with dinner.

And lets not forget the tea & biscuits in between.

It’s not that you shouldn’t eat these foods ever.

(I don’t believe in cutting things to forever)

The big problem is they’re all very heavily carbohydrate based.

So apart from the bit of milk with your brekkie,

a slice of meat in your sambo at lunch

or the bit of meat with your dinner

you’re protein consumption is gonna be

WAY below what it should ideally be.

If you did science in school you’ll know

protein is essential for the growth and repair of muscle tissue.

Which is massively important if you’ve started exercising regularly.

It’s an essential part of your recovery.

But the other somewhat unknown benefit of eating protein

is it’s high thermic effect.

WTF does this mean?

When you’re trying to lose weight,

the first step is trying to create a calorie deficit

(consume less energy than you expend)

And when we consume food,

a certain number of the calories it contains gets burned off

just by your body working to digest it.

But here’s the best part

With protein approx 20-35% of calories are burned off when digesting

where as with carbs it’s only 5-15%.

And fats is only 0-5%.

So even by consuming the same calories overall,

but swapping some carb foods for some protein foods

like meat, fish, eggs & yoghurt,

you end up burning more & creating a bigger deficit.

It’s little nutrition “hacks” like this

that add up to make all the difference when done consistently.

It’s why I encourage all the lads in my Bulletproof Dad Program

to track their protein.

Because it massively speeds up their results from our training.

Without them having to over restrict on anything.

Andrew “little hacker” Lahart

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