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Make 2015 your b#tch

ight so the season of bullsh#t has just started.

People making all sorts of promises to themselves,

especially when it come to their bodies.

The gyms will be full of raging bulls,

ready to torture themselves.

But after 2 or 3 weeks,

they’ll be burnt out & just go back to their old habits.

Lets face it, the comfort zone is comfortable.

It’s familiar & safe.

So it can be very difficult to push yourself out of it,

especially when you have nobody to keep you accountable.

I’m a big believer in that success leaves clues,

And the most successful people I’ve come across,

have all one major thing in common.

The set goals, proper SMART ones

(Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound)

So they don’t just say stuff like

“I’m gonna get fit this year”

“I want to lose some weight”

Instead, right down how much weight you want to lose,

the exact figure

And what date do you want to achieve it by.

Kinda obvious when you think about it.

But this how you can really make the most of.

First of all, write it down

& put it somewhere where you can see it everyday.

Then tell somebody else, who will keep you accountable.

Someone who’s results you respect

& that will call you out on any bullsh#t excuses you start making.

Focus on the next 90 days,

Any longer is too far away,

so you’ll be tempted to get lazy

having good weeks & bad weeks.

90 Days means you need to get cracking right away,

& break it down week to week

so you know if you’re on track.

Bonus tip:

Focus on body fat rather than weight,

it will give you a more accurate summary of your progress.

Get somebody who knows what they’re doing to record them for you.

Body fats don’t lie, where as the scales does.

But I suppose the most important thing to consider is this.

Your opinion & your habits are directly responsible

for whatever place you are at right now.

If you are not happy in this place,

then you need to be willing to have your opinions challenged

& be open to changing your habits.

If you refuse to let that happen,

you will never leave that place you are currently in.

And if you feel lost & don’t know where to start,

get help from someone who’s results you respect,

not just a friend who’s fit.

If you don’t respect their results,

you won’t value their opinion.

Most people won’t do this.

But f#ck being like most people.

Andrew ‘write it down & smash it“ Lahart

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