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Making of a Murderer

It’s the new “biggest thing” on Netfilx at the moment.

A 10 part documentary series

on an incredible murder case that actually happened

in Wisconsin, USA.

Won’t get into too much detail as don’t wanna spoil it for you.

Plus I’m only 4 episodes into it myself.

But basically a guy living in a small town

has been accused of committing a murder.

And there is a HUGE conspiracy theory behind the whole thing.

Honestly you couldn’t make up a better story.

While it’s absolutely gripping to watch,

it can be very infuriating at times.

They guy being accused (Stephen Avery)

comes from a linda trailer park background.

He works on his family’s wrecking yard

and wouldn’t have been properly educated.

And as a result, at times he really struggles for the proper

vocabulary when it comes to defending himself.

Same goes for some of his family members.

So he leaves himself very vulnerable when being interrogated

because he simply hasn’t got the proper words to choose from.

And like most things in life,

the standard of choices you make

are heavily dependent on the amount of knowledge you have

on that particular subject.

Especially when you look at an area like nutrition.

You’ll struggle to find another subject that contains more bolloxology.

See everyone eats food, so everyone has an opinion

on what & what not eat,

especially when it comes to trying lose weight.

There’s all sorts of crazy & outright dangerous diets out there.

So for me as a trainer,

my goal with any lad who joins my Bulletproof Dad Program

is to help EDUCATE them on the subject,

so that they can make better choices for them

(and their families)

Because the more relevant info they have,

the better choices they’ll make.

It’s why I’ve booked one of Ireland’s leading nutritionists

Danny Lennon of Sigma Nutrition

to come in later this week and give a talk to all my clients.

The talk will help them to distinguish between what’s important

and what’s total bullsh#t when it comes to food.

Because when you know what to focus on

and more importantly what to ignore

you can lose weight the easiest way possible

without having to obsess about all the small stuff,

that in reality, make f#ck all difference.

Focus on what matters & ignore the rest.

Why make it more complicated or restrictive than it needs to be?

Makes sense right?

This way you can actually enjoy the process

as well as see the results.

So you’re far more likely to keep it going.

After all, not much use in losing a tonne of weight,

if you can’t maintain the process & end up back where you started.

Andrew “think about it” Lahart

PS have a HUGE list of free strategy calls to get through this week,

but will be taking more closer to the weekend.

Here’s the application link if you want to book one:

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