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More Than One Way

Anytime a lad asks me

how much exercise they need to do

in order to lose the belly,

I usually have to respond with a few questions of my own.

> What have they or haven’t they been doing up to now?

> What do they want to achieve?

> How much available time can they dedicate?

> What’s their current diet like?

Reason being is

these are some of the major factors that will influence

what would be considered “the best” choice for that person.

In other words I need to understand their current context.

So that’s why I try fish out from them.

Otherwise I’d be just giving generic advice

that could do more harm than good to that person.

And when the person is genuine and actually bothers to reply

then I can properly advise them.

It’s why i always say to lads,

stop f#cking worrying what other people are doing.

There’s more than one way to create the calorie deficit needed

to lose weight.

So focus on creating your own context

and works for that.

Andrew “what about it” Lahart

PS If you have any particular questions

don’t be afraid to ask,

just be prepaid I may need additional information before

giving you a proper answer

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