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My gym PIMP

One of lads training with me

has been on a bit of a streak lately.

He’s single & has no kids (that he knows of)

so he’s more of a Bulletproof Gent

rather than a Bulletproof Dad.

He’s been training with me since January

and f#ck me talk about a success story.

He’s managed to perfectly balance his training & nutrition

with a VERY active social life.

He’s grown a pair of shoulders n biceps

And lost a sh#t tonne of belly fat to go with it.

His only regret training with me

is that he didn’t do a before picture when he started,

so he can see just how much his body has transformed.

Anyway’s he was telling me that in the last 8 weekends

he’s been out socialising,

he’s pulled 6 times!

It’s the streak of his life.

Is it because the ladies find his new athletic body more attractive?


Is it because he’s inherited a whole new level of self confidence?

Or is it a combination of both?

He’s living proof of what you can achieve

when your self confidence is at the level it deserves to be.

And when you get the balance just right.

Where by you consistently make your training sessions,

with me, twice a week

& make an effort to eat well most of the time.

So come the weekend, you’ve enough goodness in the bank

that you can allow yourself some bad.

And in his case, become a part time PIMP ; )

Andrew “work hard, play hard” Lahart

PS gonna take 2 more calls this week for the my new

Bulletproof Dad Program.

So if you wanna become my next client/pimp

Click the link below and we can arrange a call:

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