Next Week’s Seminar - Defined Fitness

Next Week’s Seminar

Last Friday I mentioned how I’m hosting a seminar at my gym

for all my Bulletproof Dad lads.

It’s going ahead Friday week (October 13th) at 7pm.

“How To Lose The Beer Belly Without Giving Up Beer”

Basically it’s gonna tie with all the lads I train.

Mega busy lads in their 30’s & 40’s who are trying to get back in shape

after letting themselves go after the last few years.

Here’s an example of some of the topics that will be included:

– Training: Weights vs Cardio

– Supplements: Useful vs Useless

– How to maximise your limited free time

– Your health bank Account

– Upper & lower cross syndrome

– Stretching & foam rolling

– Clean Eating vs Calorie Counting

– Nutrition Priority Pyramid

– Calories & Macros

– The low fat & low carb myth?

– Build a meal = protein carbs & fats

– Weekend Binge in Numbers

– Putting it all together (Score System)

Just to name but a few.

Anyway’s really looking forward to it.

Nothing quite like the buzz you get when public speaking.

And it’s gonna be a bit of craic whilst doing it.

Andrew “education is key” Lahart

PS if you’d like to come along (for free) hit me an email back asap

Gonna let 3 more non members who follow this blog come along.

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