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No selfie

Having a chat with one of my lads in Bulletproof Dad yesterday 

(he just joined about 6 weeks back)

and he was saying how his daughter

is mad for taking selfies on her tablet.

And she’s always asking him to get in for a picture with her.

But because he’s let himself go in the last few years

and is carrying more weight than ever before

he hates getting in pictures.

So he constantly has to refuse her.

So while I understand where he’s coming from

it’s a f#cking sh#t way to live your life.

Having to constantly duck out of pictures

and missing out on cherished memories of a lifetime.

But rather than just sit back and put up with it,

thankfully this lad has decided to take action

and get himself back on track by joining BPD.

He could have dismissed himself as “getting auld”

even though he’s only in his early 40’s

(like a lot of lads his age do)

But fair play to him,

he’s taken the first step to change by joining BPD.

He has a big wedding anniversary next year,

and a holiday planned to celebrate it.

So he’s using that as his timeline goal

to get down to the weight he wants to.

And with the support, motivation & accountability BPD offers

he’ll every chance of succeeding.

Andrew “personal trainer swords” Lahart

PS If you’re thinking about getting involved in Bulletproof Dad

in the new year

hit me up before Christmas to get your name down on the waiting list

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