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Not anymore

This exact time last year I wrote an email about how

a guy had joined BPD after attending his sons

preseason football training.

He had a stark realisation that he was the

‘fattest dad there”

and he became very self conscious that he was embarrassing

his son.

“I was worried that he would get embarrassed” 

So back then he booked a strategy call with me.

And after having a chat with me,

he soon realised I was able to give him the support & motivation

that he’d been crying out for.

And then when he came in to do the BPD 2 week trial,

he got to experience first hand

the team atmosphere all the lads have training together

in the BPD program,

and a full year on, he hasn’t looked back since.

Losing a tonne of weight and still enjoying the process.

And last week when he went back to his sons preseason

he was able go to without being self conscious

and actually allow himself to enjoy being there.

It really put into perspective how far he’s come

“not bad for an auld fella”

was his response : )

It’s a prime example of how your weight

can have such a HUGE impact on all aspects of your life.

It goes WAY beyond just how you look.

Andrew “restoring confidence” Lahart

PS Gonna take 1 free strategy call on Tuesday

here’s the link if you want to book one with me:

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