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Not just for women

Did you see this article trending during the week?

How weightlifting has become the new running for women over 40

Here’s the link:

In it, the author spoke about how:

“Six months ago I was having a middle-aged meltdown.

Juggling too many professional projects,

I wasn’t sleeping properly and lacked focus during the day”

And how feeling like that sparked her to take action.

How she feels now, 6 months on

after getting over the initial fear of starting

is very similar to the changes to the transformation

that occurs through the Bulletproof dad Program.

“Though mortified and worried I’d bulk up,

six weeks later I was sleeping better,

felt more focused at work and my clothes were actually looser.

Six months later I have dropped a dress size,

lost two inches off my hips, one inch off my waist,

can squat my own body weight and,

at 46, have found a new confidence in my body”

Even though she’s a lady,

the only major difference is the loss of a dress size,

as far as I’m aware my lads are more concerned about

jean or t-shirt sizes.

But hey I don’t know what all their hobby’s are

so i could be wrong : )

In all seriousness though,

other than that, better energy, better sleep, better body

they all tie in with the benefits of weight training.

So if you’re thinking about losing weight & improving your health

have a read of thus article

and see what weight lifting can potentially do for you.

Here’s the link again:

Andrew “cross-dress” Lahart

PS slots for the strategy calls have gone,

but will offer some more during the week.

Happy Easter : )

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