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Not too big

Usually hear this when I’m on a strategy call with a dude.

After they tell me where they’re at,

I start to talk about the type training that I do with Bulletproof Dad

Once they hear the bit about lifting weights,

one of the biggest fears they have is that they’ll end up “too big”

looking like some oversized heffer with no neck.

Which is fair enough, I wouldn’t want to either.

But at times it can be hard not laugh in their face.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that most lads

training routine consists of playing a sport like 5aside,

going for a run or cycle,

or cluelessly jumping from one machine to the next in the gym

(depending on what’s not being hogged by true gym rats).

So when I talk about proper weight training,

they can get a bit apprehensive because they don’t know to expect.

Over inflated body builders is their only reference.

I get it.

But the reality is worrying about getting too big,

is like learning to drive

& worrying you’re gonna end up like Lewis Hamilton

(not that you’d complain, ha)

But do you get what I’m saying?

If you wanna put on a tonne of muscle,

you gotta bust your balls in the gym,

overloading the sh#t out of your body.

So that’s it’s forced to adapt, by building more muscle.

More muscle means extra work for your body to maintain

so it’s only gonna pack it on if you force it to.

This why most lads in the gym never see any decent results

simply because when they go,

they don’t lift heavy or push hard enough.

Running on a treadmill n doing a few random reps on a machine

ain’t gonna cut it.

It’s why most lads who lose weight

end up just skinny & flabbier versions of themselves.

So if you’re worried about getting too big,

may as well be worrying Nicole Sherzinger is gonna fall in love with you.

If you’re a sexy bastard than maybe this a real concern for you,

bur for the rest of us, not so much.

I’d be more concerned about not lifting & being fat.

Anyways hope this puts it in perspective for you.

Don’t believe me?

Get lifting & see for yourself

Andrew “Nicole’s bit on the side” Lahart

PS Gonna take 2 strategy calls over the weekend,

here’s the link if you want to book one:

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