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Now He Has a Reason

“I used to drink a 2 litre bottle of coke a day”

This is what one of my newer recruits to Bulletproof Dad

said to me last week.

The session was on in the gym during the evening

the same time the Champions League Football was on.

And he was saying how the old him

would be sitting in his ass at home

watching the football & burying a big bottle of coke.

See he wasn’t stupid.

He knew it wasn’t good for him.

He knew it was one of the prime reasons his weight was going up

But he still did it anyway.

It was a habit

& a very bad one at that.

Just like all the smokers out there,

you know it’s bad,

you know you shouldn’t,

But yet you still buy them every day.

And until your circumstances change,

chances are your habits will stay the same.

What’s different for my guy was

he changed his circumstances.

He joined Bulletproof Dad to get his weight down.

So all of a sudden he was putting time, effort & money

into his weight loss.

Turning up to my gym 2 evenings a week,

working hard with the other dads around him.

No way he’s gonna let all that effort be for nothing.

He’s not here just for the fun of it.

He’s here because he has a result he wants to achieve.

And drinking 2 litres of coke everyday

ain’t gonna do him any favours.

So because he is now armed with a reason not to,

he’s changed his habits and cut it out.

As I said before, you become your environment.

So the first thing you need to do is change that.

Surround yourself with lads from a similar background,

and with a similar goal.

And this why Bulletproof Dad is the real f#cking deal,

it gives you that platform.

So 6 weeks in and he’s already down the guts of a stone.

Not bad for 2 hours training a week.

Andrew “the reason not to” Lahart

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