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On the fence?

here’s the deal mate.

I’ve roughly about 800 guys and gals that follow these emails.

Sometimes that number goes up

usually because people recommend them to their mates


Sometimes it dips under,

usually because I ask all the time wasters to unsubscribe

and leave me alone.

Just like in yesterday’s email.

But I also mentioned in yesterday’s email that I have an opportunity

for 3 of you guys to get involved in Bulletproof Dad.

That number is already down to 2.

See for the bulk of the past year,

Bulletproof Dad has been pretty much at maximum capacity,

as I have a strict cap on numbers,

so that the standard of attention & support is sky high.

I don’t do big anonymous bootcamp classes.

I do high level, small group, in a proper kitted out gym.

All under my guidance.

For this run in to Christmas

I’m gonna open up 2 more spaces.

One in the evening,

and one in the morning.

You’ll begin with a 2 week trial

so you can some & see for yourself

what training with me is all about.

So if you’re a gent who spends his day running around

like a blue arsed fly

overwhelmed with a stressful job & a busy family life,

with zero time for themselves.

And that belly shows no signs of shifting,

give me 2 hours a week and help you out of this rut.

We’ve 10 weeks til Christmas,

ample time to get some serious work done.

That time frame combined with support, motivation

and accountability I’m gonna give you,

is gonna lead to some BIG changes.

I’ve no interest in you coming in for a few weeks,

going hell for leather

then getting burned out & quitting.

I’m gonna teach how to do this in a sustainable manner

that you can still eat decent food

& have a pint

without crippling your results.

Sound to good to be true?

Book a call with me and if you’re a good fit,

I’ll let you see how we do it on the 2 week trial.

Just reply to this email.

Andrew “awaiting your response” Lahart

PS if you don’t lose any fat by Christmas,

I’ll give you all your money back.

That’s how much I believe in this program.

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