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Pablo Escobar & YOU

Just finished watching season 2 of Netflix series “Narcos”

All about the Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

It’s hard to believe that what you’re watching 

is all based on a true story.

Once you get passed all the drugs and murders

the genius of the man is very apparent.

(I say that casually, ha)

His whole enterprise was based on a set of principles

that he followed with ruthless consistency.

You were either with him or against him,

plain and simple.

If you were a problem, you were dealt with.

No second chances 

or giving the benefit of doubt.

You were removed, therefor his problem was solved.

Imagine applying those principles 

when you’re trying lose the belly.

Picture it:

You decide that after so many years 

you’re sick of being a fat dad.

You’ve had enough.

Time to f#cking change.

You set aside some time to exercise.

Say 3 hours a week (not much when you break it down)

You join my FREE Bulletproof Dad 

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So the blueprint is there for you.

All you have to do is follow it.

You’ve taken personal responsibility.

So all the excuses disappear 

and you’ve total CLARITY and what you need to do.

Andrew “just like Pablo’ Lahart

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