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A Planet Earth Lesson

Even if you’re not watching the tv show,

you’ve probably sen the video floating around on social media

of the Jaguar eating a f#cking Alligator

on David Attenborough’s Planet Earth 2.

If you haven’t seen it, seriously go check it out.

It just shows you though,

when even a big ass alligator is vulnerable

you gotta respect nature.

So many lads think they are invincible.

Taking their health for granted,

Working themselves into the ground,

sleeping f#ck all,

eating sh#te all the time,

and not making anytime for exercise.

They get away with it for a while

but eventually it catches up with you

and nature bites you in ass.

A lot of lads who start with me in Bulletproof Dad

come in and around the 30% mark when I do their initial body fat test.

And when you consider that anything above 30%

is considered obese for a male.

They’re a bit taken a back form it.

They know they’ve let themselves go,

but never would they have thought they’d got to the point

of being borderline obese.

It can be a bit of a reality check

but thankfully by then,

they’ve already taken the first big step

and joined the program.

So that body fat score is no more than a starting point for them

that will soon be forgotten history.

So whatever you do, don’t take your health for granted.

Andrew “don’t f#ck with nature” Lahart

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