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Practicing the preach

Ever find yourself feeling like you’re completely stuck?

All you know is your not happy with your current situation,

you know something needs to change

but you’ve know f#cking idea where to start.

I myself had a massive breakthrough a few months ago.

See I used to mentally torture myself when it came to food.

Depending on what I did that day,

my thoughts would go wild,

telling me I needed to eat this or that.

It got to the point where by I hardly enjoy a meal any more.

So I took my own advice and decided I needed help.

From a proven expert in that field,

someone who’s results I respected.

This meant it would make me keep my opinion out of it,

so I would listen to him

and do what he said,

whether I agreed or not

So I hired a nutrition coach.

And I genuinely haven’t looked back since.

Because I have to check in with him every week,

it keeps me accountable as f#ck.

So basically I keep a food diary every day,

I use the myfitnesspal app to log everything.

It’s class.

I tell the app what food I’ve eaten & how much.

Then it gives the numbers of how much calories

protein, carbs & fats etc I’ve had.

So I know exactly where I stand against the targets I’ve been given.

It’s great because it’s given me absolute clarity on what I need to do

day to day.

So all the confusion is gone.

And I can get on with my day.

I’ve since brought the same system in with all my lads

in Bulletproof Dad

and the results have been mind blowing!

The lads are all learning what foods to eat & when,

all based on their PERSONALISED targets.

And honestly it’s made a HUGE difference to them.

Proper game changer !

Because if you don’t track something,

how do you know where you stand?

So if you’re struggling with your food,

Do yourself a favour,

download the app an start logging your food diary.

Make it a non negotiable daily habit.

Just focus all your energy on that

And as a bi-product watch your diet dramatically improve.

I guarantee you!

It’s a great self-educator.

Just note that the targets they give you on the app

are a bit suspect to say the least,

so if possible hire a trainer or coach to set you an accurate,

individualised target.

I can help you out,

but you’ll have to hit the application link:

Andrew “non negotiable habit” Lahart

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