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Pull Ups (U vs U)

It’s probably the most hated exercise I get the lads to do in the gym

having to pull the full weight of yourself up on a bar.

When I ask someone to do them for first the time

they pretty much laugh in my face

“not a f#cking hope I’m doing that mate”

is in & around the standard response I get.

See there’s 2 major challenges with them.

Number 1 you’re (lack of) upper body strength

Most lads when they’re starting off really struggle with this.

The majority of them haven’t really done any

decent weight training before,

so the strength levels in their arms chest shoulders & back

is pretty low.

It’s not something that you just naturally get,

it has to be trained

ie be given a reason to get strong.

And going for a run, walk or playing a bit of football

doesn’t do much for it.

Number 2 is your dead body weight,

ie how much fat you are carrying around.

For the most part muscle is functional weight

that aids your strength levels

But with fat,

it’s just sitting there and the more you have,

that harder it is to pull yourself up.

So for any lad starting off,

who has little upper body strength

& is sporting a fully blown dad belly

you can understand why they say “not a f#cking hope”.

So I initially start them on a exercise band

(large elastic band)

that gives them a nice spring & support to help them up.

As the weeks go on,

their upper body is getting stronger

and their nedser is melting away.

The combination of the new found strength and reduction in dead weight

means the band gets removed

and lads are banging out body weight pull ups in no time.

They’re still tough as hell

but that just makes it all the more rewarding.

Going from “not a hope’ to banging them out.

There’s a love hate relationship with them

They say red bull gives you wings,

but the truth is it’s pull up’s that does.

Just ask my mate who scored the model

[   reference to Tuesday’s email ; )   ]

Next time your in the gym, give it them a go.

If you suck at them, get yourself a support band & keep practicing

it’ll be well worth it in the long run.

You’ll get better, trust me.

Andrew “they give you wings” Lahart

PS Bulletproof Dad is now full again,

but will let you know on here soon as a spot opens up.

PPS if you missed yesterday’s email about

Leo’s stunning transformation

here’s the link to my Facebook to see his before & after pic:


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