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Recipe for Success

It’s something I regularly get asked from the lads

on the BPD program.

“Can you do me out a meal plan”

Sounds great in theory doesn’t it,

being told exactly what to eat & when.

takes all the guess work out of it.

That’s what I used to think.

However with the benefit of experience I can look back

and acknowledge this was one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES

I used to make in my early years as a trainer.

See a personalised meal plan can work great,

for a week or 2.

But problem is, they’re pretty rigid

and the poor guy following it

has no flexibility when it comes to meal choices.

So it creates this

“all or nothing” mentality

us Irish lads are so fond of.

You’re either on the “diet”

or you’re off it.

Either on the wagon or off it.

I was basically setting the poor fella up for failure.

Here’s a plan, follow it for as long as possible,

eventually get pissed off with it,

fall off the wagon,

and then be even more upset with yourself then when you started.

It was f#cking retarded when you think about it.

Expecting lads to change 30-40 years of daily food habits


Ye you could blame them,

tell them they haven’t enough will power or whatever.

But the truth is I was to blame.

These days, I take it way slower.

Changing one thing at a time,

so by over the process of a couple of weeks,

the lad has already figured out his own routine,

that suits him & his schedule.

chase one rabbit, catch one rabbit

chase two, catch none.

(love that saying).

All he has to do is follow the basic blueprint I’ve given him.

Andrew “keep it simple stupid” Lahart

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