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38% WTF?

The results of a survey ran by the British Heart Foundation

have just been released.


And they’ve described the results as “worrying”.

It’s estimated heart disease affects around 7 million people in UK

which is a f#cking frightening figure.

That it is a whole lot of people!

Especially when you consider a lot of these people

can reverse their symptoms simply by changing their lifestyle.

Things like eating better and doing some regular exercise.

But according to the poll they ran,

38% of those surveyed felt

“they did not feel fit enough to join a gym”.

Kinda messed up when you think about it.

A potential solution to their health problem

and they don’t have the self confidence to go do some exercise.

It’s stats like these that highlight how easy it is

for someone to get stuck in a rut.

While these figures are coming from Britain,

you can bet your bottom dollar we’re not too dissimilar.

You can see how it happens.

All your time is being taken up with your full time job

and being a full time dad.

So the weight creeps up & up.

Eventually it gets to the point where you’re fitness & energy levels

are on the floor.

But rather than take action & address the problem,

you’ve convinced yourself that you’re too unfit to do it.

You say something like

“ah I’ll do a bit myself first, then I’ll join”.

Sounds great in theory,

but in reality that “bit yourself” never really happens,

so the joining the gym plan, keeps getting pushed back.

And that bad cycle of putting on weight continues.

If this sounds all too familiar then maybe it’s time to take the plunge

and get help.

Don’t put it off any longer.

Andrew “decision time” Lahart

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