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The Ryder Cup Standard

Were you watching any of it over the weekend?

Disappointing result,

but f#ck me the standard of some of the golf was unreal.

You could really see some of the players on both teams

really up their game.

And how motivated & gee’d up they were.

Personally I wouldn’t watch that much golf,

but there’s something romantic about the Ryder cup.

When an individual sport becomes a team event for a one off.

You can see how much the players enjoy the team element of it.

The motivation & support they all give each other.

It just looks way more FUN than your standard golf tournament.

I see the benefit of the team factor everyday in Bulletproof Dad.

Lads who go from wandering around a gym

aimlessly on their own

to joining BPD and completely transforming their training,

their food, and as a result their bodies.

Let’s face it, when it’s left to you on your own

it can be very tough to stay motivated all the time.


when you become part of Bulletproof Dad

you’ll see straight away all the support, motivation, & accountability

the program offers.

Not just from me as your coach,

but from all the other lads who are going through the same process.

Just like in the Ryder cup, it’s like joining a team.

A team that will get the best out of you,

despite how bad YOU THINK your current level of fitness is.

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