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Same Old Mistake

Was chatting to a guy on an application call last Sat.

He had been going to the gym in Swords regularly

over the last year or so but he’d hit a a bit of a plateau lately.

The weight hasn’t dropped in the last while

and since Christmas it’s started to creep back up again.

Frustrating considering most weeks

he’s been averaging 2-3 sessions in the gym.

But after 5 mins of chatting with him

it was pretty clear where he was going wrong.

I asked him about his routine in the gym

and straight away he was able to list it off,

which ain’t a good thing.

See since he started going to the gym,

he’s pretty much following the same routine,

So while he was going and getting a sweat on,

his body has pretty much adapted to what he was doing.

He was massively lacking the VARIATION needed

to keep his body guessing & not allowing it to adapt.

The other big thing he was missing out on was OVERLOAD.

Doing the same exercises with the same weight

and for the same reps

meant he wasn’t pushing his body enough

to stimulate change.

At the start it worked a treat,

because he hadn’t done any decent training for years.

But as he got fitter, it became too easy

and too familiar.

So it didn’t challenge his body enough.

And unless your body is challenged, it ain’t gonna change.

Why should it.

New muscle means more work for the body to maintain.

So it’s only gonna do it if it has to.

But now he’s signed up for Bulletproof Dad

I’m gonna take care of all of that.

Mixing up his programs to keep it fresh

And pushing him hard to keep it challenging.

So rather than dedicating all this time to the gym

& seeing f#ck all benefit from it.

Now he’s gonna get the absolute most

from every session he does.

And that’s how the transformation to becoming a Bulletproof Dad

takes place.

Andrew “get the most out of it” Lahart

PS If you want to get me on the phone about the BPD 2 week trial

here’s the application link:


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