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Sean’s Response

Yesterday I shared an article about Celtic manager Brendan Rogers

and how he wanted to get fit & lose weight (3 stone)

so he could be around to see his kids grow up.

(he lost both his parents in their mid 50’s due to ill health)

After I shared it,

one of my Bulletproof Dad lads Sean sent me this cracking response:

“Not only to be around for your kids but to set a good example

Since I joined BPD my kids have gone fitness mad,

doing push-ups (just a few), going for family walks, running, playing more sport,

asking me to share some of my protein powder

I wasn’t expecting that response – actually I hadn’t expected any response-

but essentially they are copying my actions

They are happy that I am looking after myself and that feels great”

He really hit the nail on the head there.

See most lads would do absolutely anything for their kids,

But while striving to provide them with everything they can,

they forget to look after themselves.

And both their health & weight suffer as a result.

But as Sean pointed out, one of the best things you can do for your kids

is take time out for yourself (to exercise)

so that you can set a good example for everyone at home,

encouraging them to do the same.

Andrew “setting an example” Lahart

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