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Self Destruct

Coming towards the end of January,

think this should really hit home.

Re-Reading this book at the moment called The Big Leap.

It’s f#cking awesome.

The chapter I’m on at the moment

is about the upper limit problem.

Basically saying over the years

humans have been programmed to feel pain.

Think about it, as  a race we’ve survived

through things like famines & harsh winters

with no heating or electricity.

The body has a colossal amount of pathways

to send signals of pain to the brain.

So nowadays, basically what happens is this.

As we grow out of our childhood years,

our minds get programmed to feel a certain way.

When something really good happens to us,

ye we feel awesome after it.


usually that feeling is short lived,


Because your mind is not programmed to experience such a high.

As a result it gets uncomfortable & tries to bring you back down

to your normal level.

This where those negative thoughts kick in,

usually worrying about other people.

Could be a family member,

or even some dickhead that you hate.

The thought is usually about bullsh#t,

something that might happen in the future,

But the whole logic behind it is clear.

It serves as a function to bring you back down

to the normal level where your body & mind find comfortable.

The author uses the example of some people who win the lottery,

All of a sudden that huge worry of money has been taken away from them.

But some can’t deal with it.

Some blow all their dosh within a year or two,

and some people’s marriages fall apart.

All because they couldn’t deal with the huge high

so they sabotage other areas of their life to compensate.

And crash back down to the level they’re comfortable at.

You see it all the time with dudes looking to lose weight.

They go full pelt for a few weeks,

off the sauce, off the junk, back training

But at the first sign of progress, compliments & feeling good

Boom, the self destruct button is pressed.

And they go plummeting back down to where they started.

Sound familiar?

Andrew “Do Not Press” Lahart

Ps maxed out with strategy calls this weekend,

keep an eye out here next week for the next round.

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