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“I showed up” (Conor’s response)

The “king of Dublin” Conor McGregor was beaten for the first time

in the early hours of Sun morning.

And the internet has been divided of opinion since.

Obviously all his fans were devastated.

But all the haters

(and lets face it, he has plenty of them)

have found their voice.

Including some of the other fighters he’s defeated in the past.

This was part of his response to them:

When the history books are written, I showed up.

You showed up on Twitter.

To the fans! Never ever shy away from challenges.

Never run from adversity.”

Talk about hitting the nail on the head.

He could have let the fear of failure get in his way,

refused the fight and protected his reputation.

But instead he “showed up” and took on the challenge.

If you’ve let yourself go the last few years

and you’re weight is now a big issue.

Don’t let it hold you back.

Don’t let previous failed attempts of losing weight

stop you from trying again.

Learn from it, dust yourself down & go again.

If people pass remarks about you being on “another diet”

let them.

If motivation is your biggest issue

get the necessary support.

You’ll thank yourself for it in the long run

when you’ve transformed from the fat one

to fit one.

That’ll shut them up.

Andrew “never shy away” Lahart


Apologies for the lack of emails the last 3 days,

Was down in Kinsale on a lads weekend

I’ll tell you a little story from it tomorrow ; )

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