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Smell what’s Cooking

Came across this quote recently

from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

“Success isn’t always about ‘Greatness’,

it’s about consistency.

Consistent, hard work gains success.

Greatness will come.”

– Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Talk about a fella that is simply just dominating life!

Rich, Ripped & has his own tv series.

And I’m sure that all helps him

do alright with the ladies as well.

But he speaks a lot of sense here.

You’d be amazed how many calls I get form lads

who haven’t done any form of exercise in years

and they’re looking to a body transformation.

In other words go “hell for leather” for a few weeks

to lose the belly.

Basically train the boll#x outta themselves

and eat sweet f#ck all in the process.

How longs that gonna last?

4 weeks?

Maybe 6?

No thanks mate,

I’ve no interest in pushing you from one extreme to another.

Burnout will be waiting for you,

whether it’s in the form of chronic fatigue

or a nasty injury.

One thing you’ll be guaranteed is that you’ll end up

an even bigger miserable pr#ck than when you started.

But if you consider what The Rock say’s above,

and forget about the 4 or 6 weeks of “greatness”.


you focus your energy on changing one bad habit at a time.

You start doing some exercise that you enjoy

and dare I say actually look forward to.

You train in an environment where you’re surrounded by motivation

from lads with a similar background to yourself.

You now have a reason not eat sh#te.

Because nothing’s worth undoing all the good work you’re putting in.

No food tastes good enough,

to make you do all that training for nothing.

Plus you have someone to help you cut through all the bullsh#t

of what food’s healthy & what’s unhealthy.

So you’ve absolute CLARITY in what you need to do.

Eat this, not that

and make your training sessions,

1 hour, twice a week.

Mightn’t sound like much,

But believe you me,

when you do this consistently,

week in, week out

that’s where serious transformation happens.

And you actually enjoy the process.

It’s why Bulletproof Dad is so popular,

No restrictive diets

& no wandering aimlessly around a gym.

Andrew “the people’s champ” Lahart

PS Gonna take 2 strategy calls over the weekend

here’s the link if you wanna find out more about

becoming a Bulletproof Dad:

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